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Switching to Green Energy in your home is as easy as 1 2 3!

Arrow Marketing has teamed up with Inspire to provide clean energy options for your customers

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Did you know that you can use green energy in your home simply by signing up for our service without changing energy providers? 


Arrow Marketing Group has been selling amazing products since 1995.  We are a national company that specializes in Kiosk sales at high traffic retail locations.  We contribute our success to our awesome sales team.  

We are growing and plan to expand into several states over the next year.

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We are here to provide a service to your patrons by informing them of green energy options available in their area.  We hire and train our consultants to use the utmost care and respect when talking with clients.  


Say goodbye to seasonal bill spikes. Inspire's subscription plan provides you with a custom, flat monthly supply price for 100% renewable energy through hot and cold months. Get your quote for clean energy in 5 minutes or less.

The process is easy for clients to sign up so that they don't miss time shopping in your store.  We offer a $10 gift card to your store with each sign up in order to promote store sales.

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$10 Gift Card to your store for each new client we sign up!

We offer two different kiosk options for your store layout.

Our Kiosks are aesthetically designed and are small or big enough for any location in your store.  

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Meet Carl York, Director of Retail Stores

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Carl is an accomplished, dynamic executive with over 30 years experience in retail, the lion’s share with The Kroger Co. He started Acuity marketing and consulting in 2015 and is currently collaborating with Arrow Marketing Group on retail programs designed to improve their client’s bottomline. His current focus is on forging retail relationships and working on retail programs, as well as developing business markets including recruiting. 


Carl’s attention has always been on strategy, creative solutions, and business growth. Time spent as Director of Advertising, Public Affairs, Loyalty, Customer Service and Store Management in a Fortune 25 company serves him well. 


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